After several failed attempts at a proper conversation, we finally got a chance to speak with Marine Tanguy, a young budding curator, who is passionate about art. She is “devoted to eight young contemporary artists that I make travel between my different permanent and temporary spaces: Los Angeles, London, Dhaka and Lagos for a series of exhibitions that [she curates].  She continues, “I also structure their careers, place them in auction, in private collections, with the press and I cover their studio fees.” She works hand-in-hand with Vanessa Powers, and Sandra Obiago to actualize the Yellow Sun Exhibition in Port Harcourt and Lagos, Nigeria.


Yellow Sun; The New Contemporaries

About the Curators Marine Tanguy is one of the youngest art dealers of her generation, and specializes in new contemporary art. Having successfully created two art galleries in Los!Angeles and  London, Marine is soon to open a third venture in Dhaka. Tanguy promotes her own  coterie of emerging artists by curating shows internationally, contributing to art  publications and placing works in established collections. Vanessa Power is a leading art journalist and one of the youngest magazine publishers of her generation specializing in new contemporary art and youth culture. Power is also a creative consultant to TV, radio and art organisations and the founder of Avenir Magazine in the United Kingdom and soon launching Avenir Africa Magazine. Together they aim to insure that new contemporary art is given the presence and stature it deserves among a culture and economy of more established contemporary artists, often overly represented on the international art scene, to the neglect of emergent young talent.

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