The Consortium

We run a membership scheme for prospective and budding entrepreneurs in interior design related businesses. Our members include students and professionals with sights on collaboration. With this program, we seek to work alongside talent within the interior design sector through our workshop classes, and associated group projects. In addition to entrepreneurial opportunities, benefits of membership include free access to Interior Living’s workshops, talk shops, (symposia), design festivals and fairs. Through a sales agreement, these members could have their works sold on the Interior Living Art Shop platform, which has an online and offline service.


We are currently running a campaign on Instagram (@the.consortium), titled The Yellow of Lagos. With the online campaign, we are creating awareness about Lagos’ transportation system, undefined pop-culture, and trending street life. Utilizing fractals from our Starburst collection, we are working on an interactive installation that is said to be the redefinition of Lagos street life. We hope to unveil what we have been working on by November 2016.