Lagos, Nigeria


Interior Living contracted to come up with the design and execution plans for a restaurant, retail store, yogurt boutique, and outdoors seating

area, all located at No. 45 Sobo Arobiodu St., G.R.A, Ikeja.

The three-part project was broken down into phases, where the completion of one determined the commencement of the other. So far, we have

been able to successfully complete 2:4 of the design phase. As at the time we moved to site, the restaurant had no name. It was not until the

completion of the project that a name was given. This is unique, because the name of the restaurant was inspired by the interior space.


 The ambiance of the restaurant is tailored after a well-mannered gentleman. The dark ceiling and walls help to create an air of sophistication,

echoing the high-class needs of the end users. With the showcasing of top-class furniture designs and finish materials, the interior space attracts

individuals who have a taste for the finer things in life.