Minty Goodness

Lekki Phase 1, Lagos


There’s a new trend in healthy living and Lagos is taking huge strides in finding less calories in our meal plans. Many startups in the hospitality industry in Nigeria are starting to distinguish themselves with a hallmark of excellence. One of such is Mint by Eat Green Company. Mint has positioned itself at the forefront of this alternative #fitfam lifestyle and has done so by sticking to strict guidelines on their menu. Their ethos is factored around making meals simpler and healthier, while keeping things fresh. The interior spaces of the restaurant and bar also reflect the brands values and originality. As you walk in, you are immediately welcomed by their waiters, dressed in red and green patterned Ankara shirts by the wooden counter. Their turf grass-covered logo wall in the background symbolically represents Mints organic inclination but most importantly, the space draws you in.
Not only is the restaurant skilled at how to make you indulge in food without making you guilty, it infuses parts of our African culture into it. We created the rooftop to follow along the same dictates as the raw, organic, and fresh aura of the restaurant below. Raw, unpainted, bamboo shoots lace the covered bar and seating area, at the rooftop, while canopies are positioned in strategic areas to allow guests enjoy sitting out, without being harassed by the scorching sun or monsoon rain. The space was conceptualized and actualized with the African Minimalist aesthetic.