How We Live

Appetite for Decoration 

Here, Photographer Christopher Phillips and Stylist Bettina McILwraith celebrate the rituals of Flowers, Food & Tea in a colourful tribute to the Japanese aesthetic  of Wabi-sabi. Whereby beauty is imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. Claire la Florist brings beauty by way of flowers. This first in an ongoing series showcases a conscious community of Sydney’s artisans, creatives, designers and retailers doing it right. Ritual: This is how we live.



Inspired by an authentic love for one another and in honour of the endlessly inspiring Mother Earth, we seek out abundance in full bloom. This most romantic gesture sees us covering our bodies in flora as if we were fresh from the garden ourselves, a perky and fervent offering. Floral altars and moments spent there, show our alignment to this appreciation society. Our need to realign spirit after hours spent indoors and perhaps in contact a lot with a flat screen, ignites our desire for this voluptuous and vital remedy. Grow where you are planted.